How to find time in May - give yourself enough sleep

Have you every stayed up late to finish “just one more thing”?

Have you put the alarm ridiculously early one day to get some work done before the rest of the family wakes up?

If you often give yourself less sleep than you need, you may be fooling yourself into thinking you are efficient, but you are really just increasing waste time while slowly wearing yourself out.
This month I help you make (not waste!) time by giving yourself enough sleep.

Find time in May by giving yourself enough sleep to be efficient, beautiful, and healthy.

Follow the tips in the video to create good pre-requisites to sleep.

Going deeper

To go deeper, you can read the book Why we sleep by Matthew Walker.  You can start by checking out the 9 min summary by Productivity Game on YouTube.

I hope you will become efficient with your time and stay healthy by giving yourself enough sleep, following these pieces of advice!

For more help to get more done with less effort and deeper joy, you can read or listen to my book Beyond Efficiency.

Do you already have the book and want to talk to me and others about how to apply what you are learning? Join the monthly Timefinder Coaching Sessions!

Take care of yourself, your time and your life.

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