How to find time in April: Use business cases

Do you ever wonder if you use your time well?

You can skip the guesswork and the endless discussions in your head.

There is a straight-forward method to making good decisions about your time.

This month I help you choose how to use your time by using Business Cases.

Find time in April by creating business cases for activities you spend time on.

List the values and the costs and then ask yourself if the business case is a good one.

If not – get creative and find new ways.

The business case concept is an important part of the Courageous Time Management method, step 1: Create your Foundation for Holistic Time Management. 

Use business cases whenever you feel you are not using time the way you would like to. They will give the clarity you need to use your time better. 

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Take care of yourself, your time and your life.

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