How to find time in October - Eisenhower with a twist

Do you feel rushed and behind?

We often do in this quarter. 

Many goals, be they private or professional, have their due date at the end of the year.

It is easy to get stuck in the zone of demand where everything seems urgent 🏃and important ❗

That is not a good place to be, at least not for long.
This month I am helping you move away from continuous urgency.
That requires using the Eisenhower Matrix with a twist.

The Eisenhower matrix is a helpful tool when planning and prioritizing your day. Still many give up on it because they
  • are unable or unwilling to delegate
  • feel guilty when they do things that are neither important nor urgent 

The key is to spend more time in the “sweet spot”, working on what is not yet urgent but still important, even when you feel that you “don’t have time”.

Tools and guidance

Set aside an hour to learn and apply the Eisenhower matrix with a twist.

Watch the webinar >> Balance with Eisenhower << and make a plan for how to do more of what is in your zone of fulfillment.
The webinar is accessible for Timefinder Academy members. 
This month's live webinar in the Timefinder Academy is about the Art of Delegating. If you choose to become a member you will be invited to that one too. 

You can sign up and get access to the recording immediately and be invited to the the next live webinar by clicking >>> this link<<<.

If you are not yet ready to join the academy, you can read this >> free material  << about the Eisenhower matrix.

I hope you will enjoy finding time!

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