What's fantastic about your situation?

What is fantastic about your situation, right now?

This might sound silly to you. 

Who says that your situation is fantastic? 

Maybe in your opinion it is terrible. Or boring. Or nothing special.

The psychologist Erik Olkiewicz recommends that we ask ourselves, in any situation: 

“What’s fantastic about this?”

It can feel like a mockery if a tragic event has just happened, but with some distance to the situation we can often see that there was a silver lining.  

Many restaurants have had a hard time during the pandemic.

But then again, some were able to see what was fantastic.

Like Yalla Habibi in Kungälv, close to where I live.

They noticed that they had almost no clients in the restaurant, but the take away orders increased manifold so they adapted to that.

They also gave away thousands of meals to the hospital staff in the middle of the crisis.

Was that a great business decision? 

In the short run, no. 

In the long run? Most likely.

Did their gesture make it easier for the hospital staff to find the situation fantastic?

I believe so. 

What’s fantastic about your situation, right now?


  1. What's fantastic about my situation right now, you ask and maybe you presume I'd answer "Nothing! Think about my gruesome back pain, or that my scheduled back-surgery got put on hold due to Covid-19" Those are for sure no walk in the park BUT! that's not the answer.
    My answer to what's fantastic in my life now is:
    I'm alive
    I feel fine
    I live in a beautiful village
    I have a fantastic family and friends
    I'm happy-go-lucky
    I'm able to keep horses, hens, cats and dogs.
    I'm welcomed to sing in a choir!
    I have both horses and cows around me and also wild animals. Even wolves and bears!
    Our river is glimmering and gives me birdlife to see!
    My situation, day by day, is fantastic and by the way.... So am I 😊

  2. Exactly :).
    I am happy you see that and that you share it