The danger of postponing

The bouquet was placed on a table in the office. Mr. Jones sat on a chair next to it, smiling and choked up. He unwrapped the presents from his colleagues, occasionally removing a tear or laughing at someone’s joke.

Lindsey looked at her watch, wondering how long she needed to stay to not be considered rude. Not that she didn’t like Mr. Jones. On the contrary, he was one of her favorite colleagues. He had employed her years ago. It was hard to imagine he would not be here on Monday. He would be a pensioner, enjoying life, while the rest of them would be at work, stressing away as usual.

Lindsey tapped nervously with her foot. She had to leave within ten minutes to beat the traffic and pick up her daughter. They mustn’t come late to the piano lesson again. 

When Mr. Jones had unwrapped all presents and given his goodbye speech, Lyndsey made her way through the crowd. She put her hand on his arm.

“Mr. Jones, thank you for all our years together. I must say I am a bit envious. You will have so much time now!”
He raised an eyebrow and put a hand on hers, shaking it a bit.
I will have much time? Dear Lindsey, I will soon turn seventy. You are in your thirties. You, my dear, are the one with time. “

Are you saying that you will do something "when you have time”?
  • when you retire,
  • when the kids move out,
  • when this project is over,
  • when the house renovation is done,
  • when…

Postponing things that are important, is a dangerous game. You may not be around when “later” comes.
Prepare for tomorrow without sacrificing today; experience something that matters to you every day.  

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