ThIS to shall pass

As we add yet another city to the list of places where terrorist-attacks, supposedly carried out by the Islamic State, have caused anger and grief; it is easy to think our world is less safe than before. Some even think we are doomed to live in a world of continuous and unpredictable terror.

Of course IS, or Daesh, wants us to think so. They may even believe that we will live under their terror several years from now. We know better.

We know that thIS too shall pass, because we see the reactions after the attacks. The kindness, the generosity, the feeling of unity.

Don´t let the fearmongers get to you, do not participate in the spreading of fear.  Let the world know what the people in Paris, London, Stockholm, Manchester and many other places have already shown:
  We are not afraid. We are in this together.

As I wrote in Stand by Paris - feel no fear, terrorist organizations come and go. When I was a kid we heard about ETA, IRA and Bader-Meinhoff. Today they are bad, but faint memories.

By the time my kids are adults; IS, ISIS or Daesh will be like these organizations. Bad, vague memories of an organization consisting of desperate persons who have lost their ways.

Each attack makes me angry at first, then sad, then determined.  Determined and certain that thIS too shall pass. Terrorists want us to hate, but their horrible actions cannot turn us into haters. Nothing can turn us into haters because we know hate comes from fear and we are not afraid.

ThIS too shall pass.