The importance of imagination

Last week I had the opportunity to talk about writing at the Scandinavian school in Madrid. About 40 pupils listened to me as I talked about what to do to turn a story into a book.

I described three major steps:

  • Use your imagination
  • Decide what to write (make a plan), write and re-write
  • Share your story with others
One of the girls did the last part without any hesitation as she gave me her story about "Lilla flickan / the little girl". A lovely gift.

I encouraged the students to use their imagination when they create stories. Unlike our physical reality, our imagination is limitless. And what is more, it is unique. It is by using your imagination you can write a story that no one else can come up with. 

When I asked the students what they thought Einstein meant when he said

Imagination is more important than knowledge

I got great answers. One answer was:

If Einstein had not used his imagination, he would not have found out the things he did. 

A lovely and true statement. Knowledge can only take you that far. Aquiring knowledge often means that you learn something others already know. But if you want to break new ground, do something that is unique, you need your imagination.

Whether you want to write a book, develop theories for how the universe works or solve your everyday problems - your imagniation is your best friend.
Use it uninhibitedly.

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