What´s politically incorrect about "Merry X-mas?"

I work at an international company, and at some of the final meetings before the holidays I heard statements like:
Merry X-m... No, I will be politically correct and wish you all happy holidays!
From another meeting:
Can we wish people a merry X-mas?
No, let's be politically correct and send season greetings.

I am aware that my Indian and Chinese colleagues do not traditionally celebrate X-mas. I also agree that it is important to acknowledge the fact that we all have different traditions across the world.

But when my Chinese colleagues wish me a Happy New Year in February I do not get offended. Intead I get happy they wish me a happy new year and I enjoy learning about what year it will be, Dragon, monkey, goat...

Picture from: http://www.chinahighlights.com/

When my Indian colleagues are off in Autumn to celebrate Diwali, the Festival of Lights, I enjoy hearing about it and learning what it means.

"The Rangoli of Lights" by Subharnab Majumdar

So, when I wish all my readers a Merry X-mas, I hope this does not offend those who do not celebrate it. Instead I hope you will appreciate the wishes for a peaceful time with family and friends, which is how I see X-mas.

Picture from the Chapel.co.uk
God jul!
Vrolijk kerstfeest! 

Feliz Navidad!

Merry X-mas!

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  1. Indeed Annika! This year I have decided to say to my spanish colleagues "Felices Fiestas" (Season greetings as in the article) rather than "Feliz Navidad" (Merry Xmas). We all deserve greetings independently of the religion :)


  2. Hoppas alla tänker som du.God Jul!

  3. I do not feel offended when you wish me Merry X-mas :-) Christmas is becoming more and more popular now in China, haha. Btw, Merry X-mas!
    /Kerong Fu