The fat lady in the ladies room

How can she even look at herself in the mirror without puking?
 Linda stared at the fat lady at the washbasin as she closed the door to the toilet booth behind her. The lady with the fat rolls on her hips was washing her hands. As Linda went to wash hers, they looked at each other in the mirror and nodded shortly.
I bet she ate at least ten doughnuts for breakfast, 
Linda thought as she quickly washed her face. She had eaten her veggie smoothie after doing her 5k run in the morning. When she glanced over at the fatso again she could not help but notice that despite the double chins she had a pretty face. And a very friendly smile. It was probably all the unhealthy sugar she must be eating that made her nice and sweet. Who knows, maybe that was what Linda was lacking. Sweetness. Perhaps that was the reason her husband had left her. Not for a younger, prettier woman; for an older woman! What did that say about her? That she was so unbearable to live with that her husband left her for an older woman because she was nicer?
I bet fatty here has a great relationship, 
she thought as she wiped her hands on a paper napkin.

Annie looked at the well-trained woman next to her. She wondered what it  was like to be that slim. The lady next to her could probably eat anything without gaining a single gram. Unlike herself. She had eaten her sallad this morning and she had biked to work. She was not completely OK after the accident yet, so biking required a lot of effort. Not that it was only the accident´s fault. She had not been as slim as the woman next to her before the accident either, but the many months in the wheel chair and the medicines that she took that made her all puffy sure did not help.
No matter what I do I can never look like that woman. Life must be easy for someone like that. 
As Annie left the ladies room, they smiled politely to each other. Both thinking they knew all there was to know about the other one.

I have written about it in a previous blogspot, but it is worth repeating:

This time  I also want to add two rules from Dalai Lama:
Rule number 1: Whenever possible; be kind.
Rule number 2: It is always possible.


  1. Så fint skrivet !
    Det stämmer ju verkligen man är för snabb med att döma ibland .

  2. Så sant!


  3. Fantastiskt bra. Vill läsa mer av vad du skrivit !!! Men var ????


  4. Roligt att höra Tittit! Det går bra att hitta tidigare inlägg i bloggarkivet som finns i högerkolumnen. Sedan är det förstår roligt om du vill läsa mina böcker, se fliken ovan: "Läsa Jenny, Jenny och Ursus".

  5. How true!!
    Thanks again for making us sit up and reflect on our mindset!