"Someday I want to live where palm trees grow in the streets"

...my Dutch husband said some years ago.

At the time we lived in Sweden. Needless to say, Sweden is not a place where palm trees grow just like that. We had no desire to move at the time, we were very happy about our home and life in Sweden, so we let the dream be just a dream.

This year an opportunity came our way and we now live in a country where palm trees grow in the street:

Actually, they do not only grow in the streets, they grow on roofs too!

As you have probably already guessed - this blogspot is not really about palm trees.

It is about dreams.

There are people who never dream. They do not dream since they think the lives they have are the only ones they can have.

I know people who do not dare to dream, because they think they will be dispappointed if the dream does not come true.
Not that it works. As I have written in an earlier blogspot - you cannot avoid disappointment by not hoping.

I also know that there are many who do not express their dreams, not even to themselves. If they do, they feel that they have to act on them. Set up goals, do actions and follow-up.

Sure for some dreams that may apply - if you know exactly what you want you can "Dream it, plan it and do it" and you will need to put in the necessary effort as I wrote in this blogspot.

But other dreams should just be dreams. Dreams that inspire you and make you happy.

And then maybe one day, the dream will come true. Not because you followed a certain plan, but because your dream guided you in  your everyday decisions and kept your eyes open for the opportunities that came your way. Maybe even without you noticing it.

When it comes to my husband's dream -  he has now planted  a palm tree in our front garden.

Keep on dreaming!


  1. Dream come true, no planning, just acted on accidental opportunity:

    As a kid I dreamt about being a fireman. I sometimes joined them when they parked their fire trucks by the field near my home, and played football together. Suddenly an alarm sounded from their vehicles, and they had to end their exercise to go put out some fire.

    Several years later I found myself refusing to do military service. On the list of possible alternative positions I found: Firefighter with the airport fire brigade. So I served my country for 12 months as a firefighter!

    My civil career choices then took me in other directions, but that year of firefighting and medical care was very enjoyable and educational.
    And my boyhood dream came true!

    I agree, Annika. Dreams, fulfilled or unfulfilled, can make you happy if dealt with in a constructive way. I believe they are an important part of shaping your own identity.


  2. Thank you for adding this comment, I enjoyed reading it!