How to find time in February - One simple question

Have you ever been in a meeting that doesn’t end at the planned time, stressing out about being late for the next meeting - or worse - late for picking up your kids?

There is a simple way to avoid this kind of stress.

All it takes is asking yourself one question...

This month I give you a simple but powerful tool to manage your time, all day every day.

Find time in February, by asking yourself: 

How do I want to use my time?
Throughout the day. 

When something takes longer than planned

Pause and ask yourself how you want to use your time. 
Continue or stop? 
Stay in the meeting or suggest concluding it and schedule a new one for the remaining agenda items?

When something goes faster than planned

Ask yourself how you want to use the “extra time” so you don’t end up wasting it.

Going deeper

To get more helpful examples and to watch an inspiring story about how a mother gets a completely different experience of her day when using this simple technique, watch the Manage your time every day, all day webinar on >>> this link <<<.  
The webinar is accessible for Timefinder Academy members only. 
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Get started

I hope you will apply the tips in the video immediately, so you get away from stress and find yourself in control of your time – regardless of what happens during the day.

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